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After School Clubs Session 2

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October 28th - DeCember 19)


Mondays 3:30-5pm
HOLIDAY CRAFT AND TEA with Yeletzy Garzon (Grades 1-8)

6 weeks (OcT. 28 - DEC. 16)

Come and join us for a cup of tea with Ms. Garzon while we make winter holiday decorations. We will have some options, choose the one you like more. Also, we will keep decorating the entrance fence using yarn bombing, a type of graffiti that uses colorful displays of finger knitted or crocheted yarn or fiber.


TUESDAYS 3:30-5pm
DRUM CLUB with Jo-ANN RADUS (Grades 1-8)
6 WEEKS (NOV. 5 - DEC. 17)

Come and learn the basics of African drumming! We learn about the different traditional instruments as well as a little about the history and uses of drumming in Africa. We will master a traditional West African drumming composition and perform it for parents on the final day of our club. Drums will be provided for use but the option to purchase a drum is available. Looking forward to Jamming with you! (Min. attendees 6)


Wednesdays 3:30-5pm
YOGA CLUB with ERIKA BONDY (Grades 1-8)
7 weeks (OCT. 30 - DEC. 18)

Students will learn about different breathing techniques, postures, games, relaxation and various forms of meditation (drawing mandalas, sounds, colors, etc.) Bring your yoga mat and comfortable clothes to practice.


Wednesdays 3:30-5pm
7 weeks (OCT. 30 - DEC. 18)

The students will be learning popular songs that are accessible to any musical level. The songs will then be dissected to show how the songs were written, with the purpose of showing the students how they will be able to write their own songs. Students will start out playing and singing along to popular songs. After learning chords, they will then learn how to create melodies. The ending goal is to co-write one or several songs with each student inputting an idea into a collaborative effort. Owning an instrument and being proficient enough to sightread simple melodies and play chords in simple key signatures (C, F, G, etc.). Singers are also welcome if they can sightread simple melodies.


Thursdays 1:30-3pm
Creative Writing with Jess JARRIN (Grades 5-8)
7 weeks (Oct. 31 - DEC. 19)

Students will hone their storytelling skills through crafting and polishing an array of creative pieces. Emphasis is placed on incorporating sensory details and figurative language and developing a unique voice to bring writing to life. Participants will be encouraged to share their work with classmates. In addition to completing our own work, we will examine and discuss a variety of noteworthy/exemplary excerpts from children’s literature.

Supplies/Skills required: Composition book, main lesson book (or something similar for final drafts), pencil, pen, colored pencils, imagination. Eagerness to explore your creativity through words, willingness to share your stories with classmates.

Session begin October 28th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up my child for partial attendance? Can we join later in the session?
Since we have limited seats available for each of our Clubs, we cannot offer classes for partial attendance or to join later in the session. The price is the same no matter how many Club meetings the child attends.

Is there a refund if my child is sick and can't attend?
Our After School Club fees are not refundable and there are no makeup days.

Will there be more Sessions?
Yes, we are planning to have 5 Sessions this year.

After School Club Pick Up Times
All Clubs end at 5:00 pm and must be picked up by 5:15pm. We ask that you park your car and pick your child up from the playground.

Late Pick Up
Please note, for late pickups after 5:15pm, there is a $10 aftercare fee until 5:30pm. After 5:30pm, there's a $10 plus $1 per minute late fee.

Session begin October 28th.


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Prices, times and logistics may change for the betterment of the program.