Aftercare Program

Our Grades Campus provides daily aftercare, which includes monitored free-play, snack-time, games, and homework time (as needed). If your child stays in aftercare, please include a nutritious snack for the afternoon. Aftercare at our grades site concludes at 5:30pm.

The program is entirely drop-in based; therefore, it is not necessary to sign children up.

Note: It is helpful to let your child know ahead of time or call the office so we can relay the message to your child if they are staying at school longer than usual.


There is a $10 charge for a child staying until 4:00 pm (or 2:00 pm on Thursday).


The rates for a child staying past 4:00 pm (or 2:00 pm on a Thursday or early release day) are as follows:

1-50 days: $22.50 per day

51-100 days: $20.00 per day

101 days or more: $17.50 per day

Thursdays: add $15 for the longer aftercare

Aftercare – Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Campus provides an aftercare option in the afternoons, which requires you to sign up your child ahead of time. We also  accept children on a drop-in basis.

Aftercare gives children a wonderful opportunity to interact with children from other classes, and more time to enjoy our Early Childhood program. A brief rest time is provided to help those transitioning into a longer day. Aftercare is dismissed at 3pm.

Please provide an additional snack for your child when participating in this program.

Regular Aftercare Rates (for children who are signed up):

First 50 days of Aftercare attendance: $27.50 per day.

Days 51-100: $25.00 per day.

Days 101 and more: $22.50 per day.


Children may attend our aftercare program without signing up, providing parents call the office in advance. Children are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis; there is a maximum limit of 13 children per day.

Drop-in Rate:

$35 per afternoon, regardless of the length of stay (1pm - 3pm).