Happy Parents

I cannot say enough great things about this school. The teachers and staff are so warm and so connected to the students. The parent community is very active and involved. Everyone participates and goes above and beyond for the students - it's truly a community effort. My daughter (2nd grade) loves her school, her teacher and her classmates. It's a very close-knit group. My daughter comes home and tells me about her gardening class, her Spanish class, she brings home her knitting and beeswax projects! And I'm fascinated by how much she enjoys singing/clapping her multiplication tables - she thinks it's a game! I love that their curriculum is not focused standardized testing and that their classes are taught in creative ways - through stories, songs, music, dance and play. You can really tell that teachers goal is to instill a love of learning, not just memorizing facts for a test. Kids also spend time outdoors in gardening and recess. My daughter is excited to go to school every day and is even sad when they are off for a holiday! She loves it and I'm so happy she's happy. It's truly a fantastic school for someone looking for kids to learn in a loving, creative and nature-based environment.

— Connie Granja

My daughters started at Waldorf School of Palm Beach six years ago. My oldest is now in 3rd grade and I am astonished with how the school delivers the academic content and how the non-academic subjects still support the academic aspect of the school curriculum. She went from not knowing any letters to being a bookworm in nine months. I have so many anecdotes to tell but my favorite "Waldorf School moment" happened in February when I went to pick her up early from school so we could go to Disney World. Her class was working on a project that supports times table learning. She did not want to leave class early TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! She wanted to finish her project. As I waited for her I looked at the work the children do at the school in awe. They don't only work on memorizing maps in geography class, they study and draw their own maps on their workbook. Their work was so detailed... No wonder she doesn’t want to leave. ☺️I am satisfied with so many aspects of waldorf education especially for the love of learning that it has ingrained in both my children.

Anaie Amorim 

I can't imagine a better school for my children. The learning style is perfect, the teachers, staff, parents, and children are kind; the kids get to spend a lot of time playing outdoors. They have a lot of wonderful events, and parents can feel safe that their children are well taken care of. Special attention is given to food restrictions and any medical issues that the kids may have. My kids love going to school and are often sad when they have to come home.

— Djrianna Vanessa Betts

180 degree change on my son’s behaviour.
He is actually Happy learning.
The best!

— Mark Guilding

Waldorf School of Palm Beach has talented teachers who are totally committed to enriching each and every student’s learning experience. These gifted people take the time to get to know each student and what triggers each one to excel. This effort along with the Waldorf concept of education gives students an incredible opportunity to become a well rounded confident person. Well done, Waldorf School.

— Priscilla Brown