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The Waldorf School of Palm Beach



Charissa has a deep appreciation for Waldorf Education and the unique experience it provides children. Having grown up in a Waldorf community, attending Waldorf School from Kindergarten through Grade 12, Charissa felt well-prepared to go on to attend Bennington College in VT. She graduated with a BA in Music/Songwriting & Voice in 2001, and then went on to receive her degree in Waldorf Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge Institute in NY. Charissa has been involved in teaching at The Waldorf School of Palm Beach since 2009 and is the lead teacher of our Rosebud Nursery Class. Both of her children currently attend the Waldorf School of Palm Beach.


Andrea was born and raised in Colombia. She holds a Doctor’s Degree in Dental Medicine from Javeriana University in Bogota, where she practiced for almost 10 years before moving to South Florida. It was after having her daughter that she learned about Waldorf Education, and her interest and fascination for it motivated her to change her career path to that of teaching young children. Andrea is Ms. Charissa’s Assistant in the Rosebud Nursery class and she also leads our Parent and Child program. Andrea continues her dedication to Waldorf Education with the addition of Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy. Her children currently attend the Waldorf School of Palm Beach.




Rena Osmer has been a Waldorf educator since 1985 and has been training Waldorf Early Childhood teachers for over 20 years. Rena is a founding teacher of the Waldorf School of Palm Beach. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education, is the former Director of the Early Childhood department at Rudolf Steiner College in California, and is Co-Director of the LifeWays Early Childhood Teacher Training in Kimberton, PA.


Jenny has been a member of the Waldorf School of Palm Beach community since 2010. Besides being a parent, she has also done various jobs at the Waldorf School of Palm Beach, including aftercare at the grades campus. Currently, Jenny is the assistant in the Morning Glory Kindergarten.




Mindy has been involved in Waldorf Education and study since 1992, both at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA and Antioch University in New Hampshire. She has been an early childhood educator in settings inspired by Waldorf education since 1999. Mindy holds a BS in Art History and Fine Arts from Brooklyn College, and a Master’s in Education from Antioch New England. Mindy has taught dance and movement for over 30 years and she brings her love of creativity and beauty to all that she does. Mindy is our Buttercup Nursery/Kindergarten teacher and the Director of our Early Childhood program.


Stacy Scheile serves as the Aftercare Lead Teacher of our Early Childhood Aftercare program and has assisted in both the Kindergarten and Nursery classrooms for over 8 years. Stacy holds a BA from the University of Florida, and is in her final year of completing her Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Certification and Foundation Studies at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, she trained in Movement Education for over 2 years at the Spacial Dynamics Institute in New York. She continues to study Waldorf Puppetry with Suzanne Down and Connie Manson. Her daughter Layla, now in middle school, has attended the Waldorf School of Palm Beach from the time she was 3. Stacy feels very blessed that her daughter is able to have a Waldorf Education, and has loved to watch her daughter bloom intellectually, socially, and artistically. She is deeply grateful to play a role in bringing this unique and holistic education to the children in South Florida.

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Jamie Hawk

Jamie received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University and has held a state of Florida teaching license since 2007. Jamie is a mother of four children and a trained community herbalist. Inspired by her love for children, education, and nature, she began teaching gardening classes at the Waldorf School of Palm Beach in 2014. From there she also taught practical arts, and other diverse classes in the elementary grades before moving into the classroom as a grades lead teacher. While Jamie has enjoyed her training in Biodynamic beekeeping and grades level teacher training, she is looking forward to completing her full Waldorf teacher training certification.  


Estuardo is a New York State Certified Art Teacher with a BA in Visual Education from SUNY at New Paltz, NY. He is a graduate of Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, and attended the Alkion Waldorf Training Center in Hawthorne Valley. He has over nine years of teaching experience and has also worked with The Milstreet Loft Art Institute, The Boys and Girls Club, and The Rural And Migrant Ministry overnight camps. Before joining our team, Estuardo served as a Specials Teacher at Primrose Waldorf Initiative. He expresses his strong community commitment through extensive volunteer activities, including work at the Newburgh Ministry homeless shelter and food pantry, Liberty View Farm, and the New Paltz Reuse Center. He is our second grade class teacher.



Third grade teacher Lila Cleveland loves working with children, teaching Waldorf principles and making her lessons creative and fun. Lila’s parents were both university art professors who encouraged her to practice yoga and meditation from childhood. She began higher education studying the Vedas (Ancient Indian texts) and Ayurveda (natural Eastern health care). She recently graduated as a Waldorf teacher from Antioch University, New England. Lila is the mother of two teenage boys who spent their early years being raised and educated according to Waldorf principles.

Joan Hourican

Joan holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a Waldorf Elementary Certification from Antioch University in New Hampshire. After serving as Program Coordinator at Pine Jog Environmental Education Center of Florida Atlantic University for 18 years, Joan is pleased to bring her love of nature and experiential learning to our school. She finds that Waldorf education meets and nurtures the souls of her students. In the 2017-2018 school year, Joan serves as the fourth and fifth grade class teacher at the Waldorf School of Palm Beach.




Marco was born in Mexico City. He studied music at The National School of Music and Drama at the Theater Research Center. He worked seven years at the Cuernavaca Waldorf School. He has taught music and drama to children, teenagers, and adults for more than fifteen years. Marco continued his professional development for Waldorf teachers at the Rudolf Steiner Center in Toronto, Canada. He is committed to Waldorf Education and its anthroposophical principles. Marco is the sixth and seventh grade teacher.


Yeletzy is from Colombia. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Foreign Languages (Spanish and French) from La Salle University in Colombia. After finishing her studies, she worked for two years as a Spanish Teacher Assistant in Rennes, France. Yeletzy also has eight years of experience as a Spanish and French teacher for elementary, middle, and high school. She’s been teaching Spanish at the Waldorf School of Palm Beach since April 2013.



Djrianna Damato

Djrianna has been working with children, both as a babysitter and swim instructor since she was 12; her love of working with children led her to study Literature (in both English and Spanish) and complete her degree in Literature with a certification in Education. She began her teaching career in public school, and later studied towards a Master’s in Educational Technology and Literature, but decided to put it on hold so she could find a program that better suited her love of the arts and a holistic education.

Djrianna has been a lifelong artist and crafter, (both self taught and throughout her education) with knowledge in sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, sketching, throwing and hand building with clay, needle felting, and woodworking.

She feels blessed to have discovered Waldorf. Waldorf School of Palm Beach was the answer to her prayers, both for her children's education, and her own- this is the education of her dreams, and fully in line with how she structured her classes, and her vision of the perfect education.

Colleen Paul-Hus


Born and raised on a working farm of cows, chickens, and vegetable gardens, Colleen Paul-Hus has nature in her blood. For family vacations, her father an Eagle Scout enjoyed taking her and her four siblings camping in National parks. Two of her favorite memories was her father building a tree house in their backyard amongst Oak trees, and her father's vibrant Rose garden.

Eventually her curiosity lead her to human minds and our relationships to each other. She studied Psychology and Criminology at University of Miami. After UM, she met her husband Richard Paul-Hus and started a family. Their four children attend Waldorf School of Palm Beach. Growing their own food at home eventually lead to keeping chickens and bees. Besides her hard work in the garden and learning through trial and error, she continues to learn by taking classes at Sunbridge College and Life Lab in Santa Cruz California covering topics on Permaculture, Biodynamic Farming, Garden Classroom Management and more. Nothing makes her happier than being with children and sharing her love for nature.


Natalia Fischer

Natalia holds a Master’s Degree in Music and Art History from the Pedagogical University in Minsk, Belarus. She continued her professional development at the Waldorf School of Palm Beach teachers training seminar in Stuttgart, Germany.

After finishing her studies she worked for more then 10 years in Germany at the Waldorf School with elementary, middle and high school children. She taught music and language, and brought her love and enthusiasm into the classroom.

Natalia also has over 15 years of experience as a piano teacher and as choral director for the South German Choir Association with a variety of age groups.


Brittney Bowes is a first-year games, reading, early morning, and aftercare teacher at the Waldorf School of Palm Beach. She is a trained historian and archaeologist with a Master's degree specializing in Early American history from the University of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, Virginia. Born and raised in Melbourne, Florida, Brittney now lives in Delray Beach with her husband and their two dogs. Deeply inspired by the pedagogy and ideals of the Waldorf curriculum, Brittney is beginning her class teacher training at Sunbridge this summer, 2019.




Ms. Domokos is the Administrative Director of the Waldorf School of Palm Beach. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Management and started her career in Marketing for high-tech companies. After her children were born, she developed a keen interest in education, especially alternative education. After returning to her native country Hungary, Olga taught English as a Second Language and soon became the director of a growing language school. Olga’s two older sons have graduated from a Blue Valley Waldorf School in Hungary. Her youngest son is in the seventh grade at the Waldorf School of Palm Beach.


Jennifer was born in Peru and lived in Virginia for over 20 years before she and her family moved to Florida about 2 years ago. Jennifer has over 18 years of experience in office administration, health-care, customer service, and bookkeeping; she is also a certified medical and legal Spanish interpreter and has had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and age. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys reading, going to the beach, cooking, and spending time with her daughter and husband.



Brittany Gregson

Brittany was born in Maui, Hawaii, but grew up in South Florida. She traveled to Tallahassee, Florida and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Media Communication Studies with a minor in Business from Florida State University in 2014, and her Master's degree in Sustainable Business Administration from Marylhurst University in Oregon in 2018. After gaining professional experience in training and supervising employees, as an Administrative Assistant, and working for the Florida Department of Education, Brittany returned to South Florida to be closer to her family.

Brittany joined the Waldorf team as the Waldorf School of Palm Beach's Administrative Assistant and Maintenance Coordinator at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Brittany is passionate about protecting the environment and her local economy.


Maria Jose Beltran is the Administrative Coordinator for the Early Childhood campus.  Maria Jose was introduced to Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy in 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She then went on to develop and implement the first Spanish language class curriculum at the Honolulu Waldorf School. Maria Jose served as the main Spanish language teacher for first to fifth graders from 2006-2009 before joining the Waldorf School of Palm Beach.