October 26, 2019 | 5th Grade Fundraiser Monthly Car Wash

Come to the Grades Campus on Saturday, October 26th and have your car washed for a good cause! The 5th Graders will be washing cars to raise money for the 5th Grade Pentathalon. The children will be offering a monthly carwash service and will be running a Lemongrass stall. Contact Jo-Ann Radus with any questions: jo-ann@drumcafese.com.

Date: October 26th
Time: 2pm -5pm
Location: Grades School Parking Lot
Cost: $10 for outside - $25 for outside & inside

5th Grade Pentathalon
All across North America during the month of May Waldorf schools gather fifth graders for the annual Pentathlon. Three to seven different schools’ fifth grade classes gather at one hosting Waldorf school to compete in this annual celebration of fifth grade grace, skill, and determination, as a crowning salute to the curriculum of the fifth grade in Waldorf schools around the world.

A Pentathlon by definition is an event that comprises five athletic components. Most Waldorf Pentathlons include: the long jump; the javelin throw; the discus throw; wrestling; and a relay race.