Ms. Rena Osmer

Dear Waldorf School of Palm Beach Community,

It is with deep sadness that we share with you the news that Ms. Rena Osmer has crossed the threshold. Ms. Rena was the founding teacher of Sea Star, now Waldorf School of Palm Beach, and it is due in great part to her tireless dedication to the school and the children that we are able to learn, work and live in our wonderful school community today.

Ms. Rena dedicated her life to the Waldorf Early Childhood movement, and her deep belief that childhood is a precious and profound time in the life of a human being. Nothing is more important, she taught us, because what we do with and for the children today influences them for the rest of their lives. She brought great love, form, art, storytelling, and beauty to the children each day, and to her colleagues, she brought her wisdom and guidance. She was a great teacher not only to the children but to the adults who were lucky enough to work beside her.

What Ms. Rena brought to us all, and to the being of the school, will live on indefinitely; and we will work tirelessly to put into practice the things which she taught us, and to honor her and her dedication to Waldorf Education on a daily basis. Although our hearts are full of great sadness at this time, we celebrate her and her transcendence into the heavenly realm. We love you Ms. Rena.


The Faculty