After School Clubs - Session 1

This year, we implemented some new After School Clubs. Check out some images from our first Session!

Crafting and Tea - Session 1

In this club with Ms. Garzon the children knitted farm animal. They also decorated the entrance fence using yarn bombing, a type of graffiti that uses colorful displays of finger knitted or crocheted yarn or fiber.

Strategy Games - Session 1

The purpose of the Strategic Games Club is to engage the students in problem-solving, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and the step by step logical strategy required for successful young people learning and growing in the world today. They used traditional games such as Checkers, Backgammon as well as current strategy games such as Settlers of Catan, Dungeons and Dragons, and other strategy board games that develop creativity, imagination, and critical thinking.

Marine Biology - Session 1

In this club, the children dove into the wondrous world of Marine Biology and Ocean Exploration. Club activities consisted of games, play, outdoor exploration, hands on projects, and touch on some of the most fascinating marine life, their behavior, interaction with their environment, and other fun topics!